Attention! Product information

For obvious reasons we would like to point out explicitly that the use of Cryoswiss devices only is allowed together with original equipment and consumables of Cryoswiss GmbH!

In case that non original Cryoswiss materials and consumables like gas capsules, dispensers, adapters and capillary tubes are used, which are not certified by Cryoswiss GmbH, the functionality of the equipment, the technical qualities as well as the required purity of the gas cannot be ensured any more.
The existing certification loses its validity at the use of not Cryoswiss original parts.
All guarantee performances of the manufacturer are dropped of course also for the user of these strange materials.
For possible material and physical damages which results from the application of consumption materials not certified by Cryoswiss together with Cryoswiss equipment, Cryoswiss Europe GmbH explicitly  takes no liability!
Therefore we would therefore like to represent in the following once again the qualities of the original Cryoswiss capsules to exclude mix ups.

Characteristics of the patented and certified Cryoswiss capsules are:

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