The Original with the liquid gas phase.


CRYOALFA devices - the perfect cryosurgical instruments for the treatment of the most skin indications with N2O (precise destruction)

Reproducible treatment results by constante operating temperature about -89°C / – 128 °F by application of the liquid N2O (patented) and freezing speed about 100K/min


Advantages in comparison with traditional cryotherapeutical instruments:

  • small, handy size, mobile applicable, light weighting, fits in the pocket of the lab coat
  • liquid freezing and contact freezing possible
  • different adaptors for multiherapeutical application
  • excellent price-performance ratio


CRYOALFA-devices are made confirming to latest standards, confirm to the medical device regulations and are CE-certified.

Application fields

  • Dermatology
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Cosmetics and chiropody
  • Aurikolotherapy

Certificates and patents

CE and
ISO 13485:2016

Japan Patent 4 605 809